Sydney Seafood School

Happy Thursday!

It’s been a lovely cold and sunny week in Sydney, and it’s flown by!

Despite the Sydney Harbour 10K on Sunday, I managed a spin class on Tuesday, and a light 6.7km jog with a friend around the harbour last night. All my training definitely paid off.

I wanted to blog about another fun thing we did on the weekend – a cooking class at Sydney Seafood School!

It was my 27th birthday on 30 June, and my lovely fiancé bought us places at Saturday’s class, situated in the iconic Sydney Fish Market.

First up, we arrived and around forty of us were led into a “Classroom”. The classroom consisted of a bench at the front with grills on top, three screens in front and an amphitheatre type-setup. It reminded me a bit of being back at uni.

Attentive students ready to learn!

Attentive students ready to learn!

Our “teacher” was a very nice lady called Brigid Treloar who is a well known chef and food consultant amongst other things. Brigid is also a cake judge at the Sydney Royal Easter show, which I’m extremely jealous of 🙂

The demonstration itself was two hours long, which we thought seemed excessive to begin with but we soon became so immersed in the food and the cooking that the time flew! We were shown five dishes, with an aim of recreating each dish in groups of 5 or 6 in the second part of the class.

Now, I will admit I am so inexperienced with seafood that I’d never even peeled a prawn beforehand, so I was a bit nervous when I saw the list of dishes we were making:

  • BBQ Prawns in herb marinade
  • Thai squid salad
  • Garfish with a parmesan crust
  • Mussels in a garlic sauce
  • Salmon with lime mayonnaise

Once the demonstration was over, we were each given an apron (which you are able to take home!) and moved into the next room.

The huge kitchen is quite impressive, with around 10 – 12 cooking stations fitted out with Fisher & Paykel appliances.


Concentrating hard on the salmon marinade.

The staff members were really friendly and were attentive to each of the groups, showing us the bits we found difficult and helping us with things we’d forgotten from the demonstration. Armed with our detailed booklets, it was almost fail-proof.

We were each expected to prepare our “portion” of each dish, which ensured we had to learn it all properly. I’d be lying if I said I like peeling prawns and de-gutting squid, but I did it!

Once all the dishes were cooked, we were moved into the room next door and sat at tables with our groups. Now for the best part: eating and drinking!

Cooked food, ready to eat!

Cooked food, ready to eat!

The wine at each table was a Tyrrells 2013 Semillon which coincidentally we were quite familiar with, as we went to the Tyrrells Vineyard in the Hunter Valley wine tasting in February when my family visited from the UK. (In case you wondered, our absolutely favourite wine this year is the Tyrrells 2013 Fordwich Verdelho – a must try!)

The food was delicious, although I’m not a squid lover myself. It’s always great to learn something new and we now have some new dishes to add to our repertoire. I wonder if my newfound squid preparation skills will ever come in handy again? I’m not sure, but I felt a sense of achievement nonetheless.

Verdict – Fabulous for seafood lovers, and still enjoyable for anyone willing to learn, who can appreciate cooking good food from scratch. Slightly pricey at $165 per person (some of their other classes are cheaper, see the list of upcoming classes on their website here), but I am really pleased we went and the fish markets are an interesting place to explore.

TIP: If you get a chance, try the chocolate dipped mangoes and bananas that are for sale outside of the grocery store in the fish markets. Delicious!

Thanks for reading 🙂

Coco x


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