Moby Dicks Wedding Fair

Happy Monday!

I always try to be positive on Mondays because, well they’re typically the gloomiest day of the week, so I got up and managed an – albeit slow- 9.1KM run today. But any work out is better than no workout…so we’ll leave it at that! 🙂

This weekend was really a fun one – so I’ll be writing a couple of posts with what we got up to.

First up we have Moby Dicks wedding fair.

I’m really excited to be having our wedding reception at this spectacular venue next December (although I wish it was sooner!) because every time I go there, I just don’t want to leave, and that’s got to be a good sign. 🙂

Me at Moby Dicks

Me at Moby Dicks

We received an invite a couple of weeks ago to go to a special event they were hosting, a wedding fair where we could meet their preferred suppliers, taste their roaming canapés, their wine list and enjoy the wonderful view. I love the smells! I know, that sounds kind of weird but it’s one of the things that I first noticed when I entered. The place is full of gorgeous flowers, delicious scented candles (Palm Beach candles – they are amazing) and it really draws you in.

The venue used to be a cafe, but now is dedicated to special events and wedding receptions. It is owned by the same people who run The Boathouse Palm Beach. Moby Dicks has the most spectacular view of Whale Beach and a homely vibe inside which I love. It’s not too formal, and has flexible options for each bride and groom, which suits us as we are relaxed and don’t want lots of fuss.

Moby Dicks

The view from inside Moby Dicks.


Anyway, here’s a few small photos (below) I took from the wedding fair. I had ice cream, a few glasses of champagne, brownies, meringues, lollies, cake, canapés and tried some of the wines in the packages.

I left feeling very satisfied and quite fat but it was a lovely afternoon. I left with lots of details for suppliers and even though our wedding isn’t for a while, I feel like it’s better to have some sort of idea now so that we can begin booking everything else in the new year.



We’ve booked our date, but haven’t yet chosen our food and wine package. It’s going to be a hard task as there are lots of options (below). I didn’t try them all because A. I don’t think I would have been able to stand up after the champagne as well and B. I didn’t want to be there all day. So, I think we’re going to have a wine tasting night with some friends so we can decide the ones we like. I’m never one to turn down an opportunity to drink wine 🙂

The extensive wine list.

The extensive wine list.


I’m going to try not to be one of those brides who goes on about their wedding, but I had to write about the fair because it was just gorgeous. I feel really lucky to live in a country where I can get married in such a picturesque setting and I can’t wait for next December!

If you live in or visit Sydney and get the chance, I recommend visiting Whale Beach – it’s about 5 minutes drive from Palm Beach – best known as the “Home and Away” beach. Many people who visit Sydney miss out on these spots as they’re quite far from the city – about 1 hour drive north – but they’re beautiful and well worth the trip.

Thanks for reading!

Coco xx


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