5 ways to instantly boost your mood


I hope you are having a great week.

This website wouldn’t live up to its name if you didn’t leave feeling a little bit happier…

So, this will be a list-within-a-list if you will.

Photo Credit: imagesbywestfall on Flickr.

Photo Credit: imagesbywestfall on Flickr.

We’ve all been there, where you’re not feeling as good as you should. Maybe you’re tired, or you’re having a bad day, or you just feel like something’s not quite right.

There’s nothing wrong with that, but here are a few small things you can do to lift your spirit.

1. Create your haven.

This could be your desk, bedroom, lounge or kitchen. I find that mess stresses me out and tidying is therapeutic. The first step is always the hardest but begin to organise and clean the space around you – as small as it may be – and you’ll feel happier immediately!

2. Eat chocolate/exercise.

These two may seem like polar opposites, but they’re actually not I promise! Maybe you can alternate between the two. Certain foods including chocolate and chilli peppers can lead to enhanced secretion of endorphins. And we know that exercise does the same. Go for a brisk walk, or chow down on your favourite chocolate bar and you’re bound to be feeling a whole lot better.

3. Write your happy list.

Ok, now this is a list-within-a-list-within-a-list. But sometimes we lose perspective and get bogged down by those minor unimportant details. Write a list of things you are thankful for, it’s good practice to never forget this list. We often forget just how lucky we are 🙂 This list may be people, planned holidays or even a coffee date with your friend on the weekend.

4. Sniff a green apple or a lemon.

Well, only if you actually like the smell! Research has found that people with chronic migraines experienced some pain relief after inhaling the fragrance of green apple at the onset of symptoms. If you’re more of a lemon person, scientists in Japan have also found that sniffing a lemon can actually alter gene activity and blood chemistry in ways that measurably reduce stress. Just don’t hold the lemon too close to your eye…

5. Blast your favourite tune.

It’s a well known fact that music and mood are interconnected. I challenge you to listen to your favourite track on Spotify right now and not break into a smile.

How do you boost your mood when you’re feeling under the weather? Leave me a comment and let me know 🙂

Coco xx




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