City2Surf 2014


I’m quite pleased to be writing this post today!

This Sunday I ran the City2Surf in 84.52 mins. A 14km run/walk/hobble (depending on which you fancy) that starts in Sydney CBD and ends at Bondi Beach.

The City2Surf course map - from Sydney's CBD to Bondi Beach.

The City2Surf course map – from Sydney’s CBD to Bondi Beach.

4 weeks ago, when I took part in the Sydney Harbour 10k, 10km was the furthest I had ever run, and I wasn’t sure if I would be able to run the City2Surf. So I am happy I was able to beat my target of sub 90 mins.

It’s such a fun event, for serious and non-serious runners, and another event I’d recommend for beginners like me who want to start trying out longer distances.

Me in Hyde Park before the race.

Me in Hyde Park before the race.

The City2Surf is the largest organised run in the world, and with over 80,000 participants, the atmosphere is definitely one of its selling points.

You can join one of several starting groups, depending on your aim. Many people just walk the whole thing to raise money for their nominated charity, many dress up, some people jog, some people run and some people even sprint! The male winner Craig Mottram finished in 41:56, and the female Casey Wood finished in 47:59!

The start of my Blue group.

The start of my Blue group.

Along the way to Bondi, you see some gorgeous scenery, and there is solid entertainment from start to finish.

With Redfoo DJing at the start, and various local bands performing at the side of the road throughout, you don’t need music in your ears.

Runners from Nova FM getting into the spirit.

Runners from Nova FM getting into the spirit.

Parents and their kids line the streets throughout, handing participants water/snacks/sweets. Everyone gets involved and cheers you on. It’s really like nothing I’ve experienced before.

If you want to run the entire distance, I think this one requires a reasonable amount of organised training. I ran 12km last weekend, but I am still aching today – two days later.

From 1-10KM I felt quite comfortable, but the last few kilometres were a struggle and the last kilometre felt like it went on forever. However it’s quite fulfilling to see Bondi beach and thousands of supporters at the end as you run down the hill – and you realise you’ve actually run quite far to get there!

My fiancé's father Kim, near the finish line.

My fiancé’s father Kim, near the finish line.

At the end, Bondi was heaving…and we headed over to the Beach Road Hotel (with what seemed like the other 80,000 participants!), where the temporary fitness fanatics threw their morals out the window and downed several beers to celebrate and balance things out 🙂 We were quite tame and left before 4pm, but it looked like the party was just getting started!

Unfortunately, I’m off to the doctor tonight and likely the Physio too as I’ve been experiencing some aching in my knee (which I suspect is Runner’s Knee) and need to get checked out before I begin training for the Blackmore’s half marathon I am hoping to do in just under 6 weeks time.

I may not be able to do it, and I’m going to do the best thing for my body rather than push it and do long term damage. I really want to continue, but if I have to sign up for a different half marathon to achieve my goal, then so be it.

But, as for the City2Surf, I loved it and will definitely be back next year!




I just wanted to take a moment to remember 27 year old participant Chris Head who unfortunately passed away after the event. You can read more about that here. Terrible news. We must not take life and our health for granted.


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